Trending: Small Cell Poles Are Popping Up Across The Country

While Raycap | STEALTH are known for their expertise in RF antenna concealments, this unconcealed small cell pole was recently installed in Nephi, Utah. The design outfits a cantenna and a base enclosure with plenty of room to house all necessary equipment including radios and antennas. The base pole stands at 30′ tall and has a galvanized and painted base complete with an access door.

In our brand new steel facility, cutting, drilling, sawing, steel forming, welding, powder coating, integration and cabling are all completed in-house. Whether it’s one or one hundred poles, we are able to maintain the existing aesthetics of any town while keeping residents connected.

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Santa Fe’s Newest Concealment!

Steeped in culture, Santa Fe, New Mexico is known for its pueblo-style architecture and is considered a creative arts hotbed. When cell signal is a necessity, and you’re in such a beautiful location, a normal tower just won’t do the trick. Check out the photos below of our newest site installed at the Santa Fe Rodeo. It stands at 80′ tall and has a three-dimensional layered appearance that fits right in with its new home!

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Another Day In Paradise…With Better Cell Signal!







Rooftop concealments are the perfect solution for wireless sites when vertical is the only direction to go. This site in Naples, Florida consists of an RF-friendly, four-sided screenwall, and a roof made to mimic traditional Spanish tiles.

As you can imagine, hurricanes are pretty typical in Naples. Over the last 20 years, this site has sustained four direct hits from hurricanes with only minimal storm damage to the concealments, which means they were built to last! STEALTH performed a site walk to access the damage in order to restore this beauty back to the structural requirements it was designed for. After receiving new panels, a new roof and a fresh coat of paint, this roof is simply staggering.  

Do you have a project that’s been through extreme weather and needs a check-up? Contact us today so we can bring your site back to life. You may also check out our rooftop concealments gallery to see other projects like this one and gain inspiration for your next concealment!

This Historic Pennsylvania Church Got An Incredible UPdate!

This is the kind of historic view that residents, landlords and city officials are looking to maintain. STEALTH® has the experience to disguise the toughest sites out there and we can guarantee a flawless process with our site walk and mapping services, just like we did here.

The antennas are disguised behind our RF friendly louver slats which were cleverly painted by our in-house artist to replicate the existing slats. Each window was carefully measured by our on-site expert to guarantee a perfect fit. This church was built in 1875 and has been declared a historic site by the Philadelphia Historic Commission. It would be a shame to take away from the beauty of this Victorian Gothic architecture. 

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Bayfront Boxes in San Diego, CA

They’re not the traditional “Tower”, but for this Tower Tuesday, we wanted to feature these side mounted boxes and coax concealments in San Diego, California.  Sometimes better than a tower, these side mounted boxes covered three sectors; alpha, beta and gamma to provide better service to guests at a nearby hotel.

This job consisted of 3 side mounted boxes and coax concealments.  Two of the boxes are 40′  X 2′- 10″  X 7′- 4′.  The third box is 20′  X 2′- 10″  X 7′- 4″. Each included wall mounting support structures and were strategically added to to an existing parking structure. And look at that match! Our RF transparent material looks exactly like concrete thanks to our custom in-house artists and the best part…no antennas are visible. That makes for a successful project! To see more side mounted box projects and gain inspiration for your next project, check out our gallery!

Which Is Which? Column Concealments.

These disguises in the uptown of Waterloo, Ontario are absolutely ones for the books! We even have a hard time telling them apart. That’s when you know the concealment is a winner – when you’ve protected the community aesthetics and boosted the cell signal for the residents! Surrounded by tech businesses, the University of Waterloo and a growing city, these installations were much needed.

Behind the first set of columns are the STEALTH® Concealments. Below, you can see the two 13′-9″ tall, hand painted columns even better. Each is 30″ square with an interior structure to house antennas and equipment. With 3 access panels and ventilation to prevent the equipment from overheating, these columns boast form and function!

What a great way to use concealment. If you like these creative, custom concealments, check out our photo gallery for 600+ additional pieces of inspiration. Contact your local sales rep today for additional information.


Oh What Fun It Is To Hide…

As the year comes quickly to a close, we have one more Quarterly Newsletter to send your way. We’re not sure how 2017 went by so fast, but as we’re looking back on all of the projects completed throughout the last 12 months, we’re reminded how thankful we are  to our customers and team members.

Take a look at our final newsletter of the year to read, watch and learn about the following:

  • The STEALTH® Christmas Video
  • Charleston, S.C. Showcase Video
  • AGL 5G Feature
  • Quarter 4 Events
  • Recent Completed Site Photos

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Here’s to a great 2018!


A Recap Of Our 2017 Projects In One Amazing Video

Our team has been working hard this year to knock out hundreds of concealments to be shipped and installed across the world. As the holiday season is upon us, we tend to look back on the year and all we’ve accomplished. We want to say thank you! Thank you to our customers for trusting us with your concealments and thank you to our employees for the hard work and dedication. We hope we’ve brought you some joy this year!

For a recap of the amazing sites we’ve completed in the past year, watch our holiday video! Merry Christmas from all of us at STEALTH®!

Our Very First City Showcase, Charming Charleston, South Carolina

At the end of the day, our goal is to protect skylines from obtrusive wireless installations.  We design and builds sites across the United States, but we want to share the communities that these projects end up residing in. After all, our goal is to protect your skyline by disguising wireless antennas. For our first video in our brand new “City Spotlight” series, meet Charleston, SC and the tri-county areas. Charleston is our hometown, where we work, where we live. Check out the video. To view more site installations across our beautiful country, view our Wireless Concealment Map.

Featured Site: One-of-a-Kind Installation in Jackson Hole!

Concealment Delivered Right

In recent years, the town of Jackson, Wyoming has been under-served as far as wireless needs go. In order to approve a new cell tower, Jackson city planners wanted something special to compliment their charming, downtown aesthetic. For the wireless provider, this means having to design and build something to perfection. That’s where we add value.

STEALTH® has the experience and cutting edge materials to conquer projects just like this one and get you online quickly! To guarantee project success, we schedule pre-construction calls, submit drawings and material samples for approval and guide our clients every step of the way! This unique 55′ tall bell tower created for Atlas Towers happens to be one of the tallest structures in town now, but with looks this good, it is a benefit that it will not go unnoticed. 

Have a tough site and need some guidance from the experts? Contact your local sales rep now to let us get started on something great for you! For more customer tower ideas, visit our photo gallery.