Rooftop Concealment From Above – Rocklin, California

This unique rooftop concealment in Rocklin, CA was the perfect solution to hide the necessary wireless equipment this area needed to stay connected. The radius screenwall concealment is made from our RF transparent panels, includes modern RF friendly railings for a nice finishing touch and is the perfect site to feature for Tower Tuesday!

In metropolitan and suburban areas alike, taking full advantage of the height of existing buildings is worth considering. Disguising or camouflaging antennas by topping a structure with a screen wall concealment, side mounted box concealment, pod or penthouse style concealment is an excellent option. Rooftop antenna concealment is what our concealment professionals specialize in.

For help with your next rooftop concealment project, contact your local sales representative!

City Showcase – Baltimore, Maryland

City Showcase – Baltimore, Maryland

We’re lucky that as a company, STEALTH®, is able to do work all across the United States and Canada. We’re able to do this because of an amazing group of local sales representatives that are located in your communities {click here for our Rep Locator}.

We’re moving North-East this month to continue our City Showcase series. Watch our latest video below and spot a few of our concealments in Baltimore, Maryland.

STEALTH’s March Of Towers – 31 Days, 31 Towers






This March we’ll be showcasing a tower a day for 31 days! Knowing your options is one of the most important pieces of the concealment puzzle. While monopines and poles are popular options, where we shine is the really tough stuff! Custom towers, rooftops, and silos provide a great concealment opportunity in a myriad of places.

We’ve done 20,000+ concealed sites in our 25+ years of business. As the industry founder, we continuously strive to produce the highest quality and top-performing concealment products, through the world-class integration of dedicated employees, innovative design, and cost-effective materials.

Follow along on our social sites [Facebook, Instagram, Twitter] for a visual tour of what a wireless cell tower should look like! Visit our Custom Concealments product page for more information!

Oh What Fun It Is To Hide…

As the year comes quickly to a close, we have one more Quarterly Newsletter to send your way. We’re not sure how 2017 went by so fast, but as we’re looking back on all of the projects completed throughout the last 12 months, we’re reminded how thankful we are  to our customers and team members.

Take a look at our final newsletter of the year to read, watch and learn about the following:

  • The STEALTH® Christmas Video
  • Charleston, S.C. Showcase Video
  • AGL 5G Feature
  • Quarter 4 Events
  • Recent Completed Site Photos

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Here’s to a great 2018!


A Recap Of Our 2017 Projects In One Amazing Video

Our team has been working hard this year to knock out hundreds of concealments to be shipped and installed across the world. As the holiday season is upon us, we tend to look back on the year and all we’ve accomplished. We want to say thank you! Thank you to our customers for trusting us with your concealments and thank you to our employees for the hard work and dedication. We hope we’ve brought you some joy this year!

For a recap of the amazing sites we’ve completed in the past year, watch our holiday video! Merry Christmas from all of us at STEALTH®!

Featured Site: One-of-a-Kind Installation in Jackson Hole!

Concealment Delivered Right

In recent years, the town of Jackson, Wyoming has been under-served as far as wireless needs go. In order to approve a new cell tower, Jackson city planners wanted something special to compliment their charming, downtown aesthetic. For the wireless provider, this means having to design and build something to perfection. That’s where we add value.

STEALTH® has the experience and cutting edge materials to conquer projects just like this one and get you online quickly! To guarantee project success, we schedule pre-construction calls, submit drawings and material samples for approval and guide our clients every step of the way! This unique 55′ tall bell tower created for Atlas Towers happens to be one of the tallest structures in town now, but with looks this good, it is a benefit that it will not go unnoticed. 

Have a tough site and need some guidance from the experts? Contact your local sales rep now to let us get started on something great for you! For more customer tower ideas, visit our photo gallery.

Awesome Small Cell Solution at Popular College: Just Installed!

An “Educated” Decision

Small cell technology is the way to go when additional wireless coverage is desired in highly populated areas. What happens when such coverage is required in a historic district or campus and needs to GoUnnoticed™? Our experienced team is hired for our innovative solutions that are unparalleled in the wireless industry.

Take for instance, this epic small cell project completed for Penn College in Williamsport, PA! STEALTH® was the master-mind behind the design of 6 new 25′ tall poles (including the clever benches) for various locations on campus, which fulfill the aesthetic concerns of the college. With the antennas hidden in the top of each pole and the equipment in the base cabinet, all of the elements are out of sight!

We specialize in custom concealments unlike any other, therefore our designs allow for flexibility with each and every project. If you’re looking for a creative small cell solution, we’re only a mouse click away!

Contact your local sales rep to see what we can do for you!


Clear As…Crystal!

This STEALTH® disguise is absolutely serving its purpose! Can you guess where the concealment is located on this beautiful church in Nashville, Tennessee? Yes, there are wireless antennas, we promise! See below for the answer.

If you guessed the windows located below the steeple, you would be correct! STEALTH® created these four window replacements, each 8′-10″ tall and 5′-11″ wide.This concealment looks and acts like real windows with all the benefits of being RF transparent. See the before/after photos below.

Check out more window concealments in our Photo Gallery!

Christmas Tree Concealment Rumor Discredited

Christmas Tree Concealment Rumor Discredited

In a very timely holiday article, The New Yorker recently alluded that one of America’s favorite Christmas trees has become a concealed cell phone tower. This satirical piece, entitled “This Year’s Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree is So Beautiful You Can Barely Tell It’s A Cell Tower,” states that “Officials say the choice to shift away from a real tree was obvious. Cell towers are notoriously put under heavy strain around the holiday season.” While the article makes some tough generalizations of cell towers, in its own rather mocking manner, they do hint at a good suggestion.

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Parkside High’s Custom Concealment in School Colors

From Parkside Gets Custom Cell Tower with School Colors.

custom concealmentMost schools don’t allow cellphone use during class, but in the case of an emergency, having coverage is crucial, and a day-to-day convenience. Parkside High School wanted to improve their wireless signal, but they didn’t want to distract students or visitors from the school. STEALTH created a 105 foot custom concealment to improve wireless signal without distracting from students’ educations.

“The design gives the marquee tower a dual purpose and [STEALTH®’s custom concealment] sets it apart from bland towers around other schools,” said Tracy Sahler, school district spokeswoman.
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