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Cell Towers Don’t Pose Health Threat
Photo Credit: TmoNews
Photo Credit: TmoNews

It is no surprise that many people are concerned about the potential dangers of cell towers close to their homes. Until recently, very little research has been done in this arena. Thankfully, that seems to be changing…and for the better!

A study by Pinnacle Wireless was recently conducted in response to a petition created by New Jersey residents wanting to know the amount of radiation emanating from local cell phone antennas.

“Regarding the operation frequencies and in the process of conducting tests, we were able to address the primary concerns regarding cell antennas. Everyone is safe. In fact, you’re more than safe. The maximum permissible exposure levels show that you can feel comfortable if you live right across the street or down the block,” said Corey Vaughan, director of business development at Pinnacle Wireless.

In other words, you’re perfectly safe, and we couldn’t be happier to know that!

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2 responses on “Cell Towers Don’t Pose Health Threat”

  1. wayne reses

    Of course it would be great to have evidence (I’m guessing that a decent amount of evidence has been gathered already, over the years) that establishes conclusively whether or not the non-ionizing radio frequency energy emanating from cell phones and cell phone towers is, in any way dangerous, but frankly I’m pretty comfortable, as I think we all are, that out present systems are safe. Of course, that’s just speculation, not backed up by studies or hard evidence, and I certainly look forward to additional studies being conducted and more hard evidence being gathered over the years so that we can not only feel safe but be safe in reality.
    Wayne Reses
    @wreses #wreses

  2. Laurie

    I have seen different articles with conflicting views on whether or not cell towers are safe. It is good that studies are being done on this, thanks for sharing!


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