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Learn How Cell Towers Help Ease Mobile Traffic

Originally posted on STEALTH Tower Power

Cell towers are doing double duty easing mobile traffic – while they add bandwidth, did you know they are also being used to study traffic in metropolitan areas? Cell towers can ease more than just mobile congestion – MIT scientists are using tower data to map commuter traffic, too! With anonymous cell phone data, scientists and cities can analyze the movement of traffic flow, allowing cities to pinpoint where snags are. Concealed cell towers improve residents’ quality of life – a beautiful skyline, better cell coverage, and less traffic!

In October 2015, AT&T and Caltrans partnered for a similar study of California traffic, including LA’s notorious gridlock. From Fortune’s AT&T using big data to fix traffic,

“The idea of using cellular data for mobility is not very new,” admits Alexei Pozdnukhov, assistant professor in UC Berkeley’s Smart Cities program. “What is new . . . is that our approach is much more detailed modeling. We can simulate very detailed scenarios, and answer questions.”

“The data will help planners develop detailed responses to congestion events …. By working closely with local authorities and public transit providers, Caltrans hopes to make better decisions about how to re-route traffic onto parallel corridors and local roads, and communicate changes to commuters more smoothly.”

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