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CES Recap: Products You’ll Want and Love and What Was Missing

January 15th, 2018


With all the buzz in Vegas at CES (Consumer Electronics Show) last week, we’re being reminded about the concealments we’ve built in the area, along with just how much signal it takes to keep a venue of that size connected. Where there is a large crowd, there is a lot of data being consumed!

Cox Communications was the infrastructure supplier for this “techy” tradeshow. Inside Towers reported that CES 2017 showed more than 6.4 terabytes of data was used on their wifi network at the Las Vegas Convention Center. This included activity from approximately 200,000 connected devices and we wouldn’t be surprised if 2018 tops those numbers.

With CES being the launch stage for most new electronics on the market, it only makes sense that one of the biggest topics in the wireless world would be discussed, but not as much as was anticipated. Venture Beat mentioned last week that 5G isn’t dominating CES 2018, but will rule CES 2019, stating that “the hardware is simply not ready yet. But it will be soon.” Looks like we’ll have to wait until next year to see that technology fully in action.

Did you go to CES 2018? What were your favorite products? We’ve seen everything from virtual reality headsets and google assistants with built-in displays to bigger and better TV’s & refrigerators. The better question is…what will you consider purchasing? Find a great list from USA Today on 10 Products from CES 2018 [they] Would Buy Today.

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