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Are you a YIMBY or a NIMBY? Chances are you have heard the phrase NIMBY or YIMBY. If not, allow us to take a moment to educate you on the phrase.

A NIMBY, or a Not in My Backyard, person is someone who strongly opposes construction around their neighborhood. NIMBY’s tend to be a little more vocal than YIMBY’s, Yes in My Backyard, people.

Today’s Inside Towers article examined what exactly a NIMBY is and why NIMBY’s should actually be YIMBY’s when it comes to cell towers.

Justin Dehnert from 1 Source Wireless states, “There is a group of non-tower people that have increasingly grown in number and have become more aware of tower locations.  This group is known as the NIMBYs (Not In My Back Yard).  They only care about the tower locations that they hear about, those that are close to them. They forget that they probably drive by two dozen towers on their way to and from work every day.  Everyone wants ‘full bars,’ ‘4G,’ the fastest ‘upload/download’ speeds possible, or simply be able to talk on their phone inside their own homes.  NIMBYs are aware of the tower-building initiatives and want to utilize the services that they will bring, as long as there is not a tower located near them.”

Click here to read the whole article.

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