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Christmas Tree Concealment Rumor Discredited

In a very timely holiday article, The New Yorker recently alluded that one of America’s favorite Christmas trees has become a concealed cell phone tower. This satirical piece, entitled “This Year’s Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree is So Beautiful You Can Barely Tell It’s A Cell Tower,” states that “Officials say the choice to shift away from a real tree was obvious. Cell towers are notoriously put under heavy strain around the holiday season.” While the article makes some tough generalizations of cell towers, in its own rather mocking manner, they do hint at a good suggestion.

With the holiday hustle and bustle, a tree tower in the middle of New York City could ease the pressure that is put on cell phone towers. With online holiday shopping, additional out of town guests and calls to family and friends, a little boost wouldn’t be a terrible thing. While the article mentions the lackluster and steel presence of the “tower” during the other months of the year, we at STEALTH® could come up with ample custom concealment solutions to take care of that eyesore so it is never left unappealing.

Good idea for 2017? Give us your opinion.

Click here to view the original piece from The New Yorker. Photograph by Randy Brooke / Wireimage / Getty.

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