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About Raycap | STEALTH®

Concealment Artist, Elizabeth Hodges McKeever

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A concealment is the most effective when it goes unnoticed – it should be camouflaged into its surroundings. STEALTH® knows that wireless equipment doesn’t have to be unsightly. Not only can they be beautiful, but the best concealments are works of art!

At STEALTH®, we have Elizabeth Hodges McKeever to make sure all of our concealments not only work, but look great.

Elizabeth Hodges, our Custom Painting Specialist, was recently featured by her alma mater, Wesleyan University, for her career as an artist and now at STEALTH®.

concealment artist“Elizabeth also works as a custom paint specialist for STEALTH, the first U.S company to engineer and construct artistic antenna concealments for the wireless industry and now for church towers, flag poles, and even trees. Some projects use rock or fieldstone that cannot be cut by machinery and require Elizabeth to sculpt and hand-carve them.”

Elizabeth developed Stealth®’s SPOT system, including the user friendly color disk, to ensure that each of our clients gets the best match without unnecessary revisions. As Wesleyan explained:
“She works with the surface of an item, formulating a sample of the color and finish that will be used, and has helped develop a faster, more accurate color and information collection process”

Elizabeth said of her work with Stealth:

“It is my most exciting job to date. I love the problem-solving aspect and find it’s the perfect balance of my academic and artistic skills.”

To view more of Elizabeth’s amazing solutions, view our Flickr. To get your own, request a quote!
For more on SPOT:

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