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Francis Marion

Typically if the general public doesn’t see our work, that means we’ve done our job. After all, the name of our company is STEALTH. Lately however, there seems to have been a shift in how people see our industry. Really, the fact that they are noticing us at all is a change! Just recently, Charleston’s own Post and Courier featured concealment in our beautiful and historic city. The article made mention of STEALTH’s own rooftop concealment at the Francis Marion Hotel (pictured).

Representatives from major wireless carriers and local business owners alike admit that rooftop concealments have become a necessity. Put simply, this is due to how crucial the wireless infrastructure has become. In a city like Charleston, where any changes to historical buildings and districts have to be approved by the architectural board, the installation of rooftop antennas is quickly becoming the norm. This allows for the perfect balance of historic preservation and wireless connectivity. “Governments understand how critical wireless infrastructure is,” spokesperson Mark Wilson said. “There must be roads, airports and electricity, and there also now needs to be wireless access. It creates and supports an enormous amount of jobs, and so I think it’s in everyone’s interest to increase and accelerate that connectivity.”

Want to learn more? Read the full article here.

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