Chimney in Manchester, NH

Rooftop Concealments

In metropolitan and suburban areas alike, taking full advantage of the height of existing buildings is worth considering. Disguising or camouflaging antennas by topping a structure with a screen wall concealment, side mounted box concealment, pod or penthouse style concealment is an excellent option. Rooftop antenna concealment is what our concealment professionals specialize in.

Custom Concealments

Whether signal transmission equipment is located in urban or suburban locations, a custom freestanding concealment structure could become a community showpiece. STEALTH® offers design solutions to provide you with the best concealment to disguise or camouflage your antennas.

Church Concealments

STEALTH® has designed multiple steeple concealments, both modern and historic. Steeple designs range from steeple replacements to steeple extensions and even designs for new steeples on churches without one. Steeple concealments are a great option for camouflaging antennas.

Small Cell Concealments

Historic cities, metro areas and college campuses often need small cell technology, but that doesn’t mean you have to look at it. Our small cell concealments are designed to fit into the surrounding atmosphere and remain invisible.

DAS Concealments

Our DAS systems can be found in hallowed football stadiums, along beloved campus pathways, along municipal walkways and in some hard-to-reach spots. The need for DAS concealment and camouflage is increasing rapidly as more sites are switching to this option.

Pole Concealments

While it’s tempting to look at poles as “cookie-cutter” antenna concealments, variables like wind speed tolerances and the location’s surroundings can dictate a more customized approach to even these simple-seeming antenna concealments.

Tree Concealments

Disguising or camouflaging antennas as a tree concealment is a great way to preserve the landscape of your town. Although this type of design is relatively simple, tree concealments require a certain amount of finesse.

Pod Concealments

When a screenwall or chimney won’t do the trick, try a pod. STEALTH® offers two standard ballasted pod frames perfect for micro and macro sites. Not only do they accommodate the antennas you’re trying to hide, but also come with the radomes to conceal them.