Montclair Smokestack: Montclair, NJ

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Tailor-made concealments. That’s what we’re about. No matter where antenna equipment is located, a custom concealment can convert a cover-up into an iconic landmark. From smokestacks and ranger stations to silos and windmills, STEALTH®’s gallery of custom structures are the definition of “out of the box” thinking. Since 1992, STEALTH has designed, engineered and fabricated hundreds of custom concealments. Endless variations ensure that each installation is crafted to either enhance or camouflage the site’s surroundings. In both organic and man-made environments, an ultra-modern, historically accurate or rustically appealing concealment can answer your RF signal needs beautifully! Other custom applications include, but are not limited to: windows, railings, dormers, louvers and various unique towers. Download our Freestanding Custom Concealment Overview to view some amazing custom solutions.