Water Tower in Baltimore, MD

Here’s where we tower above the competition: custom, freestanding structures that provide great concealment opportunities in myriad places. From water tanks to bell towers, clock towers and more, STEALTH’s designs allow for optimum signal transmission. That makes RF engineers happy, and our aesthetics satisfy even the most discerning zoning board.

STEALTH silos, for example, are the perfect fit for any farm. Like our other tower concealments, our silos can be designed to allow for expansion, so you’ll have the ability to add antennas down the road if the need arises. Download our Silo Concealment Flyer.

STEALTH can work with an existing structure, which allows us to install infrastructure without altering the current appearance. Or, we can build a freestanding tower from the ground up, accommodating single or multiple carriers. Tell us what you need, we’ll make it happen – and make it disappear!

Did you know we also offer Bird Of Prey Antenna Shields? Protecting your tower and providing a deterrent for nesting birds of prey might be things you need to consider depending on your location.

Download our Custom Concealment Flyer 

  • Before-Custom Tower Concealment
    After-Custom Tower Concealment
    Before Custom Tower Concealment After