Pod Concealments in Washington, D.C.

Antennas and wireless equipment are often times mounted on a roof top, and potentially in commercial districts where concealment is a must!

When a screenwall or chimney won’t do the trick, try a pod instead! Antenna concealment pods offer a great disguise and can even add a decorative element to the building. Pods can be designed as roof penetrating or non-penetrating (ballasted) and can also be ventilated.

STEALTH® offers two standard ballasted pod frames that are designed to accommodate not only the antennas but also the radomes to conceal them. Having a standardized frame with attachment hardware allows for reduced engineering lead times and costs plus the optimized framing material makes manufacturing and installation a breeze.

If you are an A&E firm working on a new project that requires ballasted pod(s) and would like to incorporate one of our standard designs, please contact us or your local sales representative to obtain our A&E ballasted pod package containing the catalog and pertinent DWG files.