STEALTH® Pole Concealments

STEALTH’s RadomeFlex: The Future is Flexible

Take a poll, and you’ll learn our radome-based pole products stand above the competition! Our designs are fitting for even high-profile locations. Whether you need a flagpole, community light pole, or rooftop pod, we can get the job done! Our pole concealment products are also engineered to meet EIA/TIA 222 G code requirements and municipality wind load requirements. Download STEALTH’s Concealment Pole Flyer to learn more about our pole concealments.

Each style can be freestanding or roof mounted, with concealment diameters capable of housing a broad range of antennas and specifications. View our Quick Reference Radome Guide for radome style options. Our team can identify the appropriate radome style for any site. For poles using radomes with seam bolts see our Install Guide here. For projects utilizing a radome with straps (versus seam bolts), see our Install Guide here.

STEALTH is also excited about RadomeFlex™, the deceptively simple solution to a costly concealment problem. Using revolutionary strap connection technology, RadomeFlex enhances the maintenance process while making it significantly safer. Check out our RadomeFlex Guide or watch this quick video to learn more. You may click here for a drawing that answers most technical questions. Or, if you already have a project that utilizes RadomeFlex, be sure to check out our Install Guide.

Wireless upgrades can have increased antenna sizes, which generally demands new, larger radomes. Visit our gallery to view examples of completed radome expansions. If your site is in need of a boost, fill out our Pole Products Upgrade Application. Looking to upgrade an existing top section? Our Top Section Field Guide can help.