Rooftop Cupola in Mililani, HI

The air “up there” is often the only space left to capture wireless signal.

In cities and suburbs, existing buildings seek to exploit their airspace. And aesthetics matter, even 20 stories high!

Covering rooftop structures with a screen wall, side-mounted box, chimney, pod, or cupola, is STEALTH®’s specialty. Our experts assess every site, and help make the most of it.

Rooftop or side-mounted box concealments compliment existing construction, and STEALTH’s hand-crafted (all in the USA, by the way!) faux brick, block, stucco, and stone textures seamlessly blend with buildings. All utilize exclusive RF-transparent panels engineered for expedited installation.

If roof penetrating chimneys are an issue, we have the solution! STEALTH offers a standard ballasted chimney frame that is designed to accommodate not only the wireless antennas, but also the chimney to conceal them. Having a standardized frame with attachment hardware allows for reduced engineering lead times and costs plus the optimized framing material makes manufacturing and installation a breeze.

Multiple factors make rooftop concealment one of the most economical choices. The ability to add new carriers over time and to retrofit to adapt new technologies adds long term value. Easy access also translates to shorter timelines, less site prep, and low-cost serviceability.

Download our Rooftop Concealment Flyer

Bottom Line: STEALTH will take your concealment to new heights.

  • Before-Rooftop Water Tank
    After-Rooftop Water Tank
    Before Rooftop Water Tank After