As the preparation for 5G networks and the future technology networks mounts, the installation of small cell infrastructure at street level and on rooftops requires both form and function. That’s why Raycap® and STEALTH have partnered to bring the industry jointly-designed products representing small cell sites that are adaptable plus meet the needs of carriers and municipalities alike. STEALTH® has once again taken the lead in developing the solutions for small cell sites. Our small cell sites are designed to fit into the surrounding atmosphere and remain invisible. Our products span from poles to custom roof mounted structures covering a variety of applications!

STEALTH + Raycap products equal a completed system. Imagine a small cell integrated solution that blends the ever-evolving technology into any landscape. This unique product line is backed by 25+ years of concealment experience and an immense passion for aesthetically pleasing solutions. Products include, right of way light poles, vent stacks, cupolas and so much more.

Together, we’re taking the lead in developing turnkey small cell solutions that are scalable, future-proof and fit discreetly into the surrounding atmosphere. While engineering off-the-shelf small cell products, we’ve accounted for municipality requirements, helping to close the gap with approvals for quicker installs.

STEALTH and Raycap have decades of expertise serving the telecommunications industry. In joining together, our capabilities to tackle the industry’s tough small cell needs is unsurpassed. We offer a substantial USA presence with bi-coastal facilities and national sales presence and global manufacturing capabilities. Together we provide competitive pricing, sought-after lead times and we guarantee a superior product. Together we’re better. Contact your local STEALTH Sales Representative or contact Raycap for more information.

Download our STEALTH® Base Cabinet Enclosure flyer here.

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