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Concealment Wins!

great gray owl
On social media, we celebrate concealment fails on something we call Concealment Fail Friday. Today, we’re going to celebrate Concealment Win Wednesday! Can you spot the four different animals in the following photos? We also included a fact about each one to help you spot it!


A leopard can’t change his spots, but did you know they’re not called spots – they’re rosettes?

toads closer

Did you know that Toads are found on all continents except for Anarctica, New Zealand, New Guinea, and Madagascar? They aren’t natives to Australia, but were introduced and can be found there even today!

blue crown parrot
The Blue-Crowned Conure’s scientific name is Aratinga acuticaudada– Aratinga means “little macaw”!

Could you find all the animals? Want another challenge to spot the concealements? Check out our Flickr!

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