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Congratulations are in Order: Clemson University Wins National Championship

Death Valley-Clemson UniversityIf you live in the South you know that college football is not just a sport, but a way of life, a religion, an obsession.

It’s all the buzz around the STEALTH® office in Charleston, South Carolina this morning – one of our home-state college football teams, who is also one of our valued customers, experienced quite the exciting win last night at the National Championship. Congratulations to Clemson University. Final score, Clemson-35, Alabama-31!

If you’ve been on social media after any big win from a local team, it’s almost as if you can experience the game first-hand through all of the videos, images and emotional posts that flood through your feed. That’s where DAS (distributed antenna systems) comes in.  DAS systems come in many custom shapes and forms such as the Clemson paw medallions shown above, and contain antennas to support the extra stress on cell towers during games. When there are 80,000+ people coming together for an event, everyone wants to share their experience on social media, make phone calls and send photos and videos to friends and family. To keep fans cheering it is essential to keep them connected. STEALTH® can help!

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