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Cover Your DAS™ University of Arizona!

Good news for University of Arizona students, alumni, and fans, you can now text, talk, and Tweet a lot easier thanks to new distributed antenna systems (DAS).

As if the Arizona isn’t hot enough, University of Arizona now has the hottest antenna system on the market.

According to an article on Daily Finance, Boingo Wireless will design, build, and manage the DAS networks. The article states, “The first phase of the Boingo DAS network deployment will deliver comprehensive cellular coverage throughout the 56,000-seat Arizona Stadium, including all fan areas and the Steward Observatory Mirror Laboratory, as well as the nearby student residence halls.”

Many colleges and universities around the country are installing DAS networks around their campuses and stadiums. As more young adults head off to college, the need for DAS networks is increasing.

STEALTH designs DAS concealments to blend seamlessly in with the surrounding campus or stadium. From old historic buildings, to modern buildings on campuses, STEALTH can design a concealment to match the surrounding architecture. STEALTH will Cover Your DAS™.

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