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Cows at the Kentucky Derby?

Churchill Downs, home of the Kentucky Derby, will deploy COWs, or Cell on Wheels, and DAS systems for this year’s Kentucky Derby.

Spectators can now sip on their Mint Julep’s while texting, talking, and Tweeting faster and easier. AT&T is deploying the DAS systems in the Grandstands, suites, and premium seating. The COWs are being deployed in the neighborhood surrounding Churchchill Downs to spike network traffic.

In an article from PR Newswire, AT&T states,

“In addition to ensuring voice calls are successfully connected, the DAS will allow smart phones, tablets and other devices to access the Internet and run interactive applications including the Kentucky Derby mobile application. The Kentucky Derby mobile application allows users to access many features on their mobile devices, including information on the schedule of racing and entertainment events, horse and contender information, betting information, ticket information and sales, video and photo galleries, Derby trivia and racing meets, Facebook and Twitter links, and breaking news announcements.”.

Who will you be pulling for this weekend at the Kentucky Derby?

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