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DAS in Denver!

The Denver Broncos recently completed major upgrades to their DAS system.

AT&T completed the installation providing the Broncos with what equates to 11 cell towers. The DAS equipment is all housed in a building next to the stadium. The building is now the largest cell site in the Rocky Mountains for AT&T.

The upgrades come after numerous complaints from fans. According to the Denver Post, “AT&T subscriber Ken Mendelsberg often complains to the team about the lack of coverage at the team’s stadium on game days, a problem that drains the battery on his iPhone because it is constantly searching for service.”

Mendelsberg said in statement, ” ‘I write the Broncos a check for upwards of $12,000 a year, and going to the stadium and knowing that you can’t use your phone is unacceptable to me.’ “

The DAS upgrades cost AT&T $10 million. The upgrades will fully launch in time for this Sunday’s Chiefs game.

STEALTH doesn’t like to brag, but we think we know the secret to the Kansas City Chief’s success this year. STEALTH recently completed DAS concealments for the Chiefs giving the team and the fans “one up” on their opponents. Watch out Broncos, the Chief’s have covered their DAS!


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