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Up and Up: DAS Market Projections Looking Good

Last week, WhaTech reported that the DAS (Distributed Antenna System) market is expected to reach 10.78 billion by the year 2022. While a large percentage of the activity is expected to be dominated by Asia-Pacific, we’re getting our fair share of DAS installs and concealments here in the United States, in fact the Americas held the largest share for 2015 and STEALTH® was in on the action.

There are many causes for the increase in the DAS market. With the penetration of smart devices such as laptops, wearables, tablets and smartphones, there is a drastic increase in the mobile data traffic and usage that we’ve come accustomed to. Whatech states, “The consumers’ desire to stay connected is further creating an increased demand for cellular connectivity.” As long as technology keeps advancing, we will constantly have the need for more coverage, therefore more traditional cell sites and more DAS installs. Having a strong cell signal is a must and is becoming increasingly difficult in crowded or high traffic areas, especially having them blend in with their surroundings.

While there is a high cost associated with DAS, more and more third party companies are providing the funding for multiple carriers to provide additional coverage in crowded spaces. STEALTH® has provided custom concealment solutions for DAS antennas in heavily populated urban areas, malls, entertainment venues and sporting stadiums such as Death Valley at Clemson University. View more  of our DAS concealments here on our Flickr Page.

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