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DAS…Not Just for Football

With football season right around the corner, many stadiums are rushing to upgrade their distributed antenna systems.

Did you know that American Football stadiums aren’t the only stadiums installing DAS? Many futbol, or as we American’s call it, soccer, stadium’s are also starting to install distributed antenna systems.

In the past, many MLS soccer teams have had a hard time retaining their own stadium, but Kansas City Sporting is starting a new trend in MLS stadiums. The Sporting is drawing fans in and retaining them on their own merit.

Kansas City Sporting Park was built in 2010 and 2011 and costed an estimated $200 million.

Part of the construction included installing DAS. According to the Kansas City Business Journal, “The stadium is outfitted with Wi-Fi, a ‘distributed antenna system’ and other in-stadium technology to improve the fans’ ability to communicate with the team and share in the game-day experience.It’s a reversal from the team dictating the fan’s experience, Knight said, to the fans dictating the team’s experience.”

So now you can Tweet that “Goooooooooooal” even faster than before!



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