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Elements of Great Mobile Devices

mobile devicesWith technology constantly advancing, it seems as though a new phone, tablet or new mobile device is coming out every week. If you’re ever struggling on which one to buy, here’s a quick list of seven design elements that every great mobile product should have:

Information should be easily accessible to the user –

  • Onboarding should be a breeze! Tutorials, help tips, app store descriptions – all of this should be very straight forward and used to bring the new user up to speed on the device.
  • Single task – pre-defined options such as home screens, buttons and search bars should keep a user focused on what they need to get done.
  • Navigation such as side menus and badges should be simple and easy to use. In many instances, navigation is poorly designed, which renders the device harder to use.
  • Gesture, such as swiping or tapping should be predictable and consistent.

Expanding design elements enable deep personalization to a user’s time, place and mood –

  • Pull, such as pop-ups and alerts that prompt a user for permission to access personal data should allow the app to make an educated guess about what may be useful to the user at any given time and place.
  • Push, or push notifications that are sent to your home screen on behalf of an app (status updates from Facebook, for example) should be so simple that the user doesn’t even need to open the app.

Want to learn more? Check out the full article here.

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