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Extra, Extra – STEALTH Makes National News



We’ve been waiting more than 20 years for the world to catch on to the coolness of concealment.

STEALTH has patiently perfected our materials. Our resident artist has toiled away on faux finishes that blend anything, anywhere (you think Michelangelo was talented!). Our shop floor has buzzed with activity, working over time to build and ship systems that withstand bad weather and its hostile cousin: time.

And while that work has not been for naught (indeed, we’ve build a nice business and employed some nice people over the decades), public awareness has been elusive. That’s what happens when you’re in a business that will judge you successful only if nobody sees you. Anywhere. Ever.

So imagine our excitement last week, when the Associated Press picked up a story about a church steeple-turned-cell phone tower in Iowa. We were happy to talk with Barbara Rodriguez, and school her on all things STEALTH.

And here’s what we learned about the AP wire: something on there spreads. Like wild fire. Better yet: it spreads like a wireless signal through a STEALTH-designed concealment system. At last count, the article had run in numerous regional newspapers (online and in print), including our home paper The Post and Courier and two of our other favorite “posts”: Huffington and Washington.

While we are hardly finished telling the story of concealment, we think this was a great chapter in our quest to create harmony between wireless infrastructure and the landscapes it dots. Tell us what you think!

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