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About Raycap | STEALTH®

Get Inside the Steeple

More and more people are learning about concealments in church belltowers and steeples. News is spreading fast regarding these concealments. STEALTH has been designing and manufacturing steeple and bell tower concealments for over 20 years.

A recent article on PR Web stated, “STEALTH’S artists are masters at verisimilitude and have two decades of experience blending concealments with their surroundings. Pastor Martin Scales, leader of one of STEALTH’s recent site locations, noted of the antennas: ‘Nobody can tell that they’re there unless they’re sharp-eyed and looking for them.'”

 If your church isn’t in need of a steeple, there are other options available. STEALTH can design and manufacture bell towers, cupolas, and even crosses. Visit our gallery to see examples of our various church concealments.

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