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Getting Schooled on Cell Towers

Technology today is advancing at a high rate of speed, and cell towers aren’t excluded. Children are utilizing smartphones, tablets, and laptops more and more in the classroom. With students and teachers relying heavily on their smartphones each day, it begs the question, what is happening to the cell towers that allow the usage of such smartphones.

According to an article on Inside Towers, “Even though technology is expanding at a rapid rate throughout schools, the infrastructure that supports it is not. Many communities are still against putting towers on or near school grounds due to possible health concerns. But if using mobile technology in the classroom is the way of the future, then something will have to change”.

Many parents worry that cell towers on or around schools will lower the community’s property values. What they may not know, is there are options for these cell towers. In fact, by utilizing concealment, cell towers on school properties could go virtually unnoticed. By concealing cell towers on school properties, students and teachers are able to use their smartphones without effecting property values.

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