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Good Things Come To Those Who Wait

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We live in a world overcome by professional ADD. We’ve heard it called the “Something Shiny Syndrome.” You know how it is: hyper focus on something and then, whoosh, a new challenge hits your in-box, and you’re off in that direction!

At STEALTH, we experience that in so many ways: urgent needs for RFP responses; calls from the field seeking last minute assistance; colleagues grabbing a quick meeting with one another to troubleshoot an opportunity.

But, we also experience another universe – one in which time seems to stand still. In this world, projects wind through a mysterious world of stops and starts. We get it, we’re used to it.

It is always gratifying to see one of those long-ago jobs finally come to fruition. We had just that happen this week on the West Coast, with a project we originally quoted in 2010. A few years later, we got the green light. This rooftop job shipped September 30, and the photos above show how it looked – before, during and after.

We are so pleased to see any project come to fruition. And we don’t mind long cycles. In fact, we’re proud to have so much longevity in this business, that customers can feel confident we’ll be here when they finally get the go-ahead. But for those customers who are struggling to get to “yes” through their own internal and external systems, we offer a few tips:

– Get as many details up front as possible, so that our ultimate bid reflects your reality. Often jobs languish for months due to a lack of specificity. Clarifying everything up front saves time and money.

– Pre-plan who needs to say “yes” to your project, and work directly with them. Sometimes that’s corporate officers; sometimes it’s zoning boards. Figure out your spheres of influence, and you can fast track your project.

– Understand that material costs evolve over time. If your bid is more than six months old, check to see how accurate the numbers remain. Thinking ahead about those details can avoid a hurry-up-and-wait situation later.



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