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About Raycap | STEALTH®

Happy Birthday to the Cellphone!

What were you doing 40 years ago? Chances are you were not talking on a cellphone.

Today marks the 40th anniversary of the first cellphone call. Most people today could not function without a cell phone. In fact, a whole generation of children do not know life without cell phones. It’s crazy to see how far we have come.

A little over twenty years ago, STEALTH® discovered it could be an asset to the wireless community as wireless carriers sought to install towers and antennas which, in turn, would and could jeopardize the skyline and architecture. STEALTH knew there was a way to hide the antennas without affecting the signal strength. Today STEALTH is the leader in antenna concealment!

It’s incredible to look back and see the growth of the wireless industry. Where will be 40 years from now?

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