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About Raycap | STEALTH®

Happy National Catfish Day!

What do catfish and antenna concealments have in common?

Well follow us and we will show. STEALTH builds antenna concealments to hide unsightly antennas from human eyes. As a fisherman is sitting by a pond or lake waiting to catch that big catfish to bring home for dinner, he may be surfing the web for fishing tricks, updating his Facebook, or Tweeting and Instagramming photos of his new catch.

As the fisherman is relaxing, he doesn’t notice the antennas that enable him to use his phone at lightening speed. The antennas are out of sight, and out of mind™ allowing the fisherman to continue relaxing and enjoying his surroundings.

So next time you go fishing, you can thank STEALTH for hiding the eye sore of antennas that could disturb your fishing trip.

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