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Hello Texas Tech & Penn State

Two major universities announced new DAS installations for their football stadiums.

Texas Tech and Penn State recently completed DAS installations to enhance coverage for fans. The distributed antenna systems were installed just in time for football season.

According to Texas Tech’s website the DAS installation was part of AT&T’s Project Velocity IP. ” ‘With initiatives like Project VIP, we’re continuing to invest in the wireless network, and providing enhanced wireless coverage at Jones AT&T Stadium is just one way that we’re investing in Lubbock,’ ” states  Adam Vital, Vice President/General Manager AT&T North Texas.

The Nittany Lions of Penn State also announced a DAS installation among other enhancements. Like Texas Tech, the distributed antenna systems will provide coverage for AT&T users.

STEALTH specializes in DAS concealments for large venues like college and professional stadiums. Check out to see examples of our work!

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