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Many times, when talks of installing a cell tower in a town start to swirl, neighbors are the first to object. However, this was not the case for one of STEALTH’s sites. STEALTH designed and manufactured a water tank concealment for a site in Branford, CT.

The site drew a lot of positive feedback from neighbors.  One neighbor, Kent Bloomer, owner of Kent Bloomer Studio, had this to say about our water tank concealment:

“I write this letter to commend you and your team for the design of the cell tower on Route 146 in Branford, Connecticut. The tower stands in full sight from our property and is situated north of an environmentally protected estuary off the Thimble Islands. Everyone, neighbors, children, resident architects, and visitors, has declared that the tower is an elegant, indeed a positive presence. Sailors on the water have also remarked favorably on its visibility.

I believe that the cylinder, commonly used for ‘water’ tanks, when well-proportioned, is a timeless and abiding form, like the shape of the silo that has graced American farms and towns for generations.

By contrast, the prickly antennas of cell towers, visible and clinging to posts, have become (amongst other types of industrial structures distributed throughout our countryside) particularly ugly and intrusive monstrosities. Designing beautiful objects in the landscape is not just a luxury, it is a cultural imperative in keeping with a civilized history of town architecture and planning.”

Check out this photo Mr. Bloomer sent us!

Water Tank Concealment

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