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Is a Rooftop Concealment On Your Hotel?

Hotels are often some of the largest structures in cities, that’s why it makes sense that many carriers will locate their antennas on the rooftops of many hotels.

By locating antennas at specific elevations, carriers are able to provide better coverage to those areas that were once considered “dead”.

Most hotel builders, owners, and city officials do not want to see ugly antennas on the tops of their hotels. Think about the last time you booked a room at a hotel. To avoid staying in a dump, you probably reviewed the pictures of the hotel (interior and exterior) before booking it. Hotel owners do not want you to see antennas on the roof.

STEALTH designs rooftop concealments for many hotels. From screenwall concealments to chimney concealments, our rooftop concealments are able to match the existing architecture of the hotel. In fact, there maybe a rooftop concealment on the next hotel you stay in and you probably will never notice it.

Check out this rooftop concealment that STEALTH recently completed at a hotel.


rooftop concealment

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