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The Island is Calling

STEALTH recently completed fabrication on a flagpole concealment that is located on Sanibel Island, FL.

The flagpole stands at 149 feet and has room for six wireless carriers. STEALTH went the extra mile to ensure this flagpole concealment met the needs of both the city and the wireless carriers. The flagpole concealment features a specialized halyard and pulley system, as well as, specialized lighting to protect the sea turtles of the region.

After a little bit of a delay, the site is finally on-air. According to an article by Inside Towers, “…The recently installed cell phone tower disguised as a flag pole has been activated and Verizon customers should start seeing an improvement in service. Verizon is currently in negotiations to permit AT&T to co-locate on the pole, as is required by the city. The purpose of this installation was to improve safety as well as enhance wireless service and coverage on the island with an aesthetically pleasing structure.”

STEALTH was happy to provide a solution that made everyone happy!

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