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Do You Know How Many Towers Are In Your Backyard?

On the way into the office, on the way home, in our neighborhoods – towers and antennas galore!

These sites allow us to be connected 24/7 on our mobile devices so the need for a larger quantity of antennas is absolutely necessary. We hope that one day all of the towers will be concealed, we wouldn’t be in this business if not, but they’re necessary regardless.

Our team got curious. How many towers does it really take to transmit enough signal to our phones to keep us connected? We came across AntennaSearch. The site that gives you information on the 2.5 million towers and antennas in the United States. You can put in any address and all towers, existing and future, within 4 miles of your address will be returned. We put in our home office address and were surprised at what we found. Within 4 miles there are 182 tower structures and 224 antennas.

While there are many uses for this website such as identifying cell reception, researching or planning…it’s also just very interesting especially for those in the telecom industry.


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