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Mandatory DAS?

DAS and Wi-Fi will become mandatory at every NFL stadium around the country.

According to Sports Business Journal, all NFL stadiums must meet a minimum threshold for Wi-Fi and cellular coverage by the end of the 2014 season.  The exact minimum threshold is to be determined, but the ultimate goal is for NFL fans to be able to enjoy technology as if they were at home.

Currently, 21 out of 30 NFL stadiums have installed some sort of DAS or Wi-Fi system. However, not all of the 21 stadiums will meet the minimum threshold demands, meaning systems will need to be upgraded by the 2014 deadline, and those that do not have DAS or Wi-Fi systems will need to install them.

Why the sudden demand for venues to meet a minimum threshold for Wi-Fi and DAS? Not only does it make fans more eager to attend events, but it helps with marketing capabilities.

According to SBJ, ” ‘We put minimum standards and metrics in place so not only do clubs know how our Wi-Fi is performing and to hold [cellular] carriers accountable, but also [it gives] us analytics for what our fans are doing, which leads us to more marketing,’ said Michelle McKenna-Doyle, the NFL’s chief information officer.”

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