Modern Historic Preservation


*Historic photo courtesy of Luther Memorial Church (






















The University of Wisconsin’s Luther Memorial Church was built in 1923 and is a glorious place of worship. A few years ago, one carrier decided to boost the wireless coverage in this community and the church just happened to be in a perfect spot to act as a communications facility. But how do you put wireless equipment on a 92-year-old building and maintain aesthetics?

Trust in STEALTH®. For over 25 years we’ve helped carriers across the country by pioneering authentic concealment products that produce the coverage users crave. Our work blends in so well, it’s a challenge to see our concealments here! A total of three stone boxes were provided, each measuring 7′ tall, 3′ wide and 2.5′ deep. Our box concealments are ideal for any wireless project, including small cell sites! 

Do you have a historic site to conceal? Your Local Sales Representative can help get your project off the ground and blended into its environment.

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