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Monopole Monday!

Recently, members of STEALTH’s team were on hand for the installation of a monopole at a local site.

The monopole concealment is 140 feet tall with room to house three carriers. The installation took one day to complete. When our team members arrived on site, the first section of the basepole was already in place and the crew was beginning to work on the next two basepole sections.

monopole concealmentmonopole concealment


Once the basepole was in place the crew started on the top section of the monopole. The top section includes concealment cylinders, as we as, an internal mast or spine.

monopole concealment


The crew then started installing the cylinders from the top down. STEALTH’s cylinders are designed as two part so they are able to attached to the bulkheads and the internal spine.

monopole concealment


The sun set just as the site was completed. Currently, no antennas are in the monopole. The antennas are set to be installed in January.

monopole concealment

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