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Necessity vs. Risk

The debate as to the health risks associated with cell towers and the necessity of cell towers is becoming an all to common occurrence.

A recent article in the Rio Rancho Observer argued in favor of a proposed clock tower cell tower concealment that would be located in a local park.

The article states, “The public benefit, of course, would be moving a step closer to having dependable cell phone service throughout the city of Rio Rancho, which has become critical as more and more households abandon landlines for cell phones only. Living in a wireless-only home makes it imperative to have a sure-fire way to make an emergency call if necessary.That there might be radiation hazards to health associated with cell towers is a legitimate question to raise, but studies to date suggest otherwise.”

In fact, you put yourself more at risk by using your device than by standing or living near a cell tower, states the article.

The stigma surrounding cell towers is sure to stick around, but with proper antenna concealment, generations to come may never know cell towers exist.

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