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About Raycap | STEALTH®

Need Help with Your Next Concealment?

Antenna Concealments and DAS Concealments can be tricky. STEALTH can help make the process easy and painless.

To help make your next concealment a success STEALTH offers these tools:

-Samples. STEALTH can fabricate a concealment sample to match your site. To help make the sample process easier, we have developed SPOT, Sample Process One Time. SPOT is a color matching tool that allows for easy matching of your site to our sample.

-Photo Simulations. STEALTH can simulate your new concealment on the existing site. Just forward your pictures, drawings, and/or dimensions to the this email and we will come up with a simulation for you.

-Concept Sketch. If you are new to concealment or have no idea of where to begin, STEALTH can sketch out a concept for your site.

-Antenna Fits. STEALTH can provide fit checks if you are wishing to upgrade your site and utilize new antennas. Just provide us with the antenna specifications and desired dimensions and we can do the rest.

All of these above services are in addition to our design, engineering, and fabrication. Long story short, STEALTH can meet all of your requirements for your site!

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