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Now Starring: Tower Climbers

The Discovery Channel recently announced a new show centered around the telecom industry and tower climbers.The show, titled “Hang Men” will debuted tomorrow, March 14th, at 11:00 pm.

According to Inside Towers, the idea came from Jim Fryer, a Site Acquisition Specialist and member of the Pennsylvania Wireless Association.

Fryer told the Daily Times, ” ‘Someone has to climb up there, sometimes as high as 1,500 feet.  It is considered by OSHA as one of the most dangerous jobs in the US. It’s tough enough on a nice sunny day, but you can imagine the wind chill 500 feet up on a snowy day. In short, the general public has no concept of these people and what they risk daily so we can go seamlessly through our lives texting, tweeting, downloading Angry Bird apps while we’re barreling down I-95.’ “

We are excited to watch the show and see the challenges our industry colleagues face.

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