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Parkside High’s Custom Concealment in School Colors

From Parkside Gets Custom Cell Tower with School Colors.

custom concealmentMost schools don’t allow cellphone use during class, but in the case of an emergency, having coverage is crucial, and a day-to-day convenience. Parkside High School wanted to improve their wireless signal, but they didn’t want to distract students or visitors from the school. STEALTH created a 105 foot custom concealment to improve wireless signal without distracting from students’ educations.

“The design gives the marquee tower a dual purpose and [STEALTH®’s custom concealment] sets it apart from bland towers around other schools,” said Tracy Sahler, school district spokeswoman.

Here’s what the local paper, Delmarvanow had to say about our custom concealment: “The Rams get billboard-style visibility. The company threw in signage for aesthetics, branding the school name and mascot in green onto huge, three-directional white tower panels.”

Here’s what Tracy Sahler, school district spokeswoman had to say: “Due to the tower’s highly visible location, the tower was designed by the vendor to be aesthetically pleasing, with branded signage for Parkside High School at no cost to the school or school system …” “Wicomico schools also benefits from having improved cellphone reception on the school property – a safety and security plus.”636079989355754480-parkside-tower

The concealment is a win-win for everyone! The school district gets additional funds, the school gets a point of school pride, students are safer in case of an emergency, and cellphone users in the area have better signal. To find out about your custom concealment options, contact us! If you want to see some of our past concealments, check out our Flickr.

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