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Preserving Portland’s Skyline With A Custom Water Tank

February 8th, 2018


Buzzing with indie boutiques, eclectic food trucks, high end restaurants, local markets, music and more, Portland, Oregon’s historic downtown district just wouldn’t be the same if these antennas were left exposed. The perfect solution? Our custom water tank!

We have to say, this is definitely one of our favorite new concealments. This modern faux water tank design blends perfectly into Portland’s skyline. Custom painted by our in-house artist, this concealment measures 47.1′ in diameter and 13′ tall. Everything from the banding to the bolts, to the radius panels is RF friendly. The best part about this project…with our ingenuity, we were able to expedite the concealment to meet the client’s strict deadline. Check out the final product in our site installation video.

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