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Redding’s Newest Residence

Redding, CT’s newest resident is a 180 foot monopole concealment.

The monopole concealment is installed, but not yet operational. The monopole currently houses AT&T antennas.

In an article in the Redding Post, “First Selectman Natalie Ketcham said on Monday that David Vivian of New Cingular Wireless emailed that the tower is stacked and all of AT&T’s installation is complete. However, Mr. Vivian said the utility company has not yet completed its installation, ‘so the tower is not yet operational. We expect it may be another month or so, although this is something beyond our control.'”

The monopole was originally designed to be a flagpole, but due to noise concerns surrounding the lanyards hitting the pole the town decided to against it.

STEALTH designed and fabricated the top section of the monopole including: a steel support pipe, concealment cylinders, and mounting hardware.

Click here to view a photo of the completed site.

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