Our team is always preparing for the next generation of wireless telecommunications. View our whitepaper, “5G Technology & Concealment On The Horizon" to learn how Raycap | STEALTH will adapt to the latest advancement.

When concealing antennas, the effects on birds often are an afterthought. Read our Bird of Prey Shields to see how we can prevent the nesting of these endangered species.

Are you looking to add concealed antennas on or near your church so your organization can reap the financial benefits? Learn more about our church concealment solutions, including steeples and cupolas.

How do you choose the right concealment partner? This guide will give you the questions you should ask before starting your next site.

Filled with examples of our concealment products, here you’ll find everything from rooftops and silos, to steeples and crosses, to small cells and DAS.

Are you thinking a pole concealment is going to be the perfect solution for your next site? Learn more about how our poles are custom-made to fit perfectly.

From bell towers to clock towers, crosses to steeples, a custom concealment structure can be crafted to enhance or blend in with your space. Download our Custom Concealments Flyer for more information.

Never noticed a STEALTH DAS concealment? Then we did our job. See how we can seamlessly integrate DAS into its surroundings through light poles, traffic lights, side mounted boxes and more!

Our innovative ESSV concealment panel is designed specifically for applications where daily temperatures fluctuate and seamless appearances are critical in winning building owner approvals.

STEALTH’s FR-ESSV panels are typically used in desert climate applications that require a stringent fire rating. Get all the details and see how we can meet these tough standards.

STEALTH’s FRP panels can be used to manufacture a variety of concealment products including boxes, screenwalls, chimneys and more.

As you're reading through the website, you may run across a few terms or acronyms that you don't recognize. Take a peek at the Glossary. That mystery word or acronym is likely in there.

With the ever-changing wireless technology, we are excited to introduce our newest material, approve for use in panel-based and radome-based 5G concealments. Find more details by clicking below.

Are you looking for 5G concealment material specifications? Look here for all the technical details on our patent-pending InvisiWave™ material.

Are you required to follow the LARR requirements for the City of Los Angeles? See how Raycap | STEALTH is the only concealment vendor with an RF transparent panel that meets their codes.

Looking for a cool and aesthetically pleasing solution for your small cell, DAS or radio installations? Check out our perforated radomes as a solution.

This guide includes available diameters, material thicknesses, maximum heights, and the connection types for any radome concealment that Raycap | STEALTH can provide.

Have you purchased a radome that requires bolting radome leaves to the steel? Download this guide for a smooth installation process.

Radomes with straps have a slightly different installation process. Download this installation guide for a step-by-step process of how to install for a secure fit.

You've purchased a RadomeFlex™ pole, now it's time to install. This guide is your tool to everything you'll need to know about the installation process, video included!

Providing a two-step installation, flexibility and adjustability with straps and seams versus bolts, RadomeFlex™ is easy and safe. See for yourself in this video!

If you're not familiar with powder coating, this RAL reference guide will be helpful to you. It provides our standard small cell pole powder coating color options as well as the benefits and limitations of using powder coating versus the traditional wet paint option.

If you're looking for a quick overview of Raycap | STEALTH, this infographic is for you. Find out what we're capable of and why we're the #1 concealment vendor in the industry.

Do you need a site walk? We've mastered the art of the site walk and can ensure that your site is ready for a concealment and that the fit and functionality are both perfect.

Looking to take your concealment to new heights? Take full advantage of the space on your rooftops with our antennas that can blend into any current aesthetic.

The SPOT sample instruction guide gives you step-by-step directions on how to properly take photos with our SPOT tool. This process guarantees a good match for your concealment.

While an unconcealed cell tower would stick out on a farm, a silo is a perfect fit for a rural space. Check out the silos we can create specifically to match every farm.

As you're reading through the website, you may run across a few terms or acronyms for small cell that are fairly new concepts to the industry. Take a peek at the Small Cell Glossary. That mystery word or acronym is likely in there.

Raycap’s STEALTH small cell poles are designed to customer specifications, can be delivered fully or partially integrated, and can accommodate all radio technologies. Read here for an overview of options.

Use our Small Cell Portfolio to inspire your next small cell project, from poles to custom roof-mounted structures.

Ballasted concealment chimneys are a great solution for disguising rooftop antennas. Find all the standard frame specs to reduce engineering costs and lead time here.

Ballasted concealment pods are a great solution for disguising rooftop antennas. Find all the standard frame specs to reduce engineering costs and lead time here.

STEALTH base cabinets are the perfect small cell solution to conceal equipment in the base of an existing light pole. With minimal headache and cost, learn more about the benefits to this solution.

STEALTH radomes are available in a variety of shapes and sizes. Check out our reference guide for specific details.

MW02 panels are recommended for high-frequency microwave backhaul systems that require a wide range of potential frequencies to be used on a single cell site.

If you're looking for small cell light pole solutions, this Topper might be the perfect fit. See if this is the right concealment for your next right-of-way project here.

Ready to order a top section for your pole project? Check out the Top Section Field Guide for a checklist of every detail we'll need to make the process seamless.

Raycap | STEALTH designs and fabricates tree concealments from scratch and builds them from the ground up. Need branch replacements? We do that too! See what our monopines can bring to your site.

Keep your equipment cool with STEALTH's ventilating radome. Find out if these are the perfect solution for your next pole concealment.