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Rooftop Pole Expansion
Rooftop Pole Expansion

Aesthetics are especially important when our customers have their own customers to impress. Imagine going out of town and staying in a hotel with limited cell service. Unless you’re connected to wifi there would be dropped calls, limited email access, no texting and no planning for the duration of your stay.

Check out these three luxury hotel pole concealments that were recently expanded to address those very issues. Their equipment had been upgraded over the years and the site needed to be expanded to accommodate this new technology. These poles grew from 18” to 31” in diameter. Now equipped to hold up to three wireless carrier’s antennas, these flagpoles and equipment, are ensuring that guests will have no interruptions with their cellular devices.

Click here to watch the progression video of this rooftop pole expansion. To find out more about STEALTH®’s pole concealments, check out our website.

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