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Save Your Antenna Concealment…

Save your concealment from hurricane damage!

Last night, Tropical Storm Andrea brushed by our facility in Charleston, SC. After avoiding what could have been a nasty storm, we were reminded again of the importance of taking care of your antenna concealments.

Just last year, New York City was devastated by Superstorm Sandy. People are still picking up the pieces. Many of these pieces include antenna concealments. STEALTH was called upon to repair and fix many antenna concealment sites following Sandy.

So what can you do to make sure your antenna concealment isn’t the next victim of a hurricane?  Check on your antenna concealments regularly. Regular maintenance decreases the likelihood that your concealment will need a major repair or complete replacement following a hurricane. During each inspection note any minor repairs that may need to be fixed including missing hardware (screws, bolts, etc), broken panels, or missing pieces.

STEALTH designs our antenna concealments to withstand strong wind gusts, but as sites age and without proper maintenance some sites may succumb to to the gusts causing costly repairs and/or complete replacement of the antenna concealment. Don’t let this happen to your site!

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