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See Your Many Options for Small Cell Concealment in One Portfolio

March 31st, 2020

As communities respond to the COVID-19 virus crisis, wireless services are critical for keeping consumers, businesses and municipalities connected and working together. In particular, the need for connectivity is increasing as more people are working from home.

That’s why high-bandwidth solutions like 5G mmWave networks are becoming the backbone of a vibrant, resilient municipality. Raycap’s STEALTH™ concealment solutions are ready to help make 5G mmWave small cell nodes easier to deploy while complementing your city’s aesthetics.

Check out many of your concealment options in our new Small Cell Portfolio:

  • Integrated and fully customizable light poles
  • Pole toppers
  • Pole-mounted shrouds
  • Chimneys
  • Grid assemblies
  • Side-mounted concealments
Raycap concealment solutions blend in with any city environment, including historic districts, campuses and downtowns. This helps carriers satisfy your city’s regulatory requirements for small cell aesthetics and installation.

At the same time, our solutions support excellent RF performance—even with 5G mmWave technology, using our patented InvisiWave™ technology, your constituents can enjoy high-speed wireless service.

With Raycap’s STEALTH concealment solutions, 5G mmWave looks better to everyone.

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