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Seizing the Opportunity in New C-Band Spectrum

January 12th, 2021

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FCC C-band auctions are offering prime mid-band spectrum with a compelling balance of higher speeds with solid signal propagation. Here’s how to take advantage of the opportunity to expand your service coverage:


A broad range of small cell formats to fit every type of deployment.

In this paper, C-Band Auctions and New Small Cell Formats Drive 5G Expansion, you’ll learn how your small cells options are as vast as the opportunities in the newly available spectrum. Raycap can show you how to leverage:

  • Pole toppers paired with pole-mounted enclosures
  • Clamshell cabinets wrapped around the pole base
  • Ground furniture located next to or near poles
  • Custom enclosures such as “5G trash receptacles”

Gain a better understanding of your siting options as you plan to utilize the C-band, as well as for services at 6GHz and above.

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