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About SPOT

  • User-friendly
  • Assesses existing color palettes
  • Communicates color instructions to Raycap | STEALTH
  • Blends tones of new and old materials
  • Includes support video

Our Process

SPOT (Sample Process One Time) is a user-friendly, complementary tool we use to gather aesthetic information that our in-house artists needs to construct your concealment.

Using SPOT, our team of artists will provide you with detailed instructions for color palettes, dimensions, textures, and tones to blend your existing materials with RF-transparent panels. The system is also supported by a video that spells out the nine steps involved in going from “it almost matches” to “what concealment?”

SPOT is available to anyone in the industry with an interest in improving aesthetics. SPOT can be ordered by calling 800-755-0689 or contacting us online. If you’ve received a sample from us, check out our Sample Instruction Guide for next steps!

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